What do I need to rent a boat or pontoon?

To rent a boat or pontoon, you need to fulfill the following requirements: 

- The driver must be at least 20 years old. 
- The driver must remain sober at all times, as mandated by law. 
- Present a valid driver’s license at the time of rental (in person). 
- Provide a major credit card in your name. 
- Submit a $500 security deposit via credit card or cash. 

What information do you provide that I might need while boating?

We offer comprehensive guidance to enhance your boating experience: 

- Detailed orientation on the vessel you're renting, covering boating techniques, safety protocols, and the use of safety equipment. 
- Familiarization with the "rules of the road" specific to the lake. 
- Expert insights on the lake's features, including popular spots like Copper Canyon, Steamboat Cove, and more. 
- Provision of a detailed lake map highlighting notable locations such as private beaches, Indian Petroglyphs, and Topock Gorge. 
- Access to downloadable USCG safety documents and a Lake Map from our website's Downloads section.

What if the boat sustains damage during my rental?

While proper operation minimizes damage risks, you're responsible for any damages caused to the boat by you, your party, or other watercraft. Upon return, the boat will be assessed, and repair costs presented within 48 hours. Your $500 security deposit can cover part or all of the repairs.

Do I get my security deposit back?

Yes, provided the boat is returned undamaged and all check-in items are accounted for. If there are issues, you can opt for repair costs to be deducted from your deposit, another credit card, or cash.

Do I get my reservation fee back?

Your reservation fee secures the boat for your requested date and applies to your rental charges. It's refundable under specific conditions, such as cancellation at least 7 calendar days (non-holiday) or 14 calendar days (holiday) before the rental.

What should I bring for the day?

Feel free to bring your preferred items, including drinks, lunch, snacks, towels, sunscreen, camera, chairs, and floats. We can provide an ice chest, bag of ice, and bottled water.

Do I have to launch the boat?

We transport you and the boat to the launch site and can handle the launching process if preferred. We'll pick you up at the agreed time and location.

How long can I rent a boat?

Our standard rental times are 4 hours (1/2 day) and 8 hours (full day). For custom rental durations, please contact our office to check availability.

What is your cancellation policy? 

Cancellation terms vary based on holiday periods and require notice of at least 7 or 14 calendar days. Failure to notify or a "No Call/No Show" results in full rental charges.

Is there a cleaning fee?

Normal cleaning expectations include light sand vacuuming and basic wipe-down. Additional cleaning incurs a fee starting at $100, deducted from your security deposit.

What if the weather is bad?

In case of rain, lake wind advisory, or predicted storms, you won't be charged. Your safety is our priority, and we ensure you never venture out in hazardous conditions. Renting a boat on Lake Havasu is all about fun!